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60's tv girls

The Girls of TV

sherry jacksonOkay guys, we all fell in love with at least one-or-all of them! These are just some of the actresses from '60's TV shows and movies. Aside from ranging from beautiful to insanely attractive, many of these stars were enormously talented. The comedic actresses were indeed very funny! morticia adamsCarolyn Jones played America's first and foremost goth girl Morticia Addams. Morticia was charming, alluring and funny all at the same time. One of my favorite funny girls was Elizabeth Montgomery as "Samantha Stevens". I got my fair share of laughs from her and found her comedic talents quite extraordinary; she made the best faces, and had the best and goofiest expressions.

elizabeth montgomery and barbara eden

From nose-twitching to blinking, magical ladies Elizabeth Montgomery and Barbara Eden entertained us many times throughout their careers. Both gals appeared to us on screen as brunettes, but in the roles that made them famous, they were dazzling blondes.

As for dark-skinned beauties, diahann carrollAmerica would soon fall in love with everybody's favorite prime time nurse "Julia" as played by the lovely Diahann Carroll. judy paceJudy Pace, who appeared as "Vickie Fletcher" on TV's "Petyon Place", was voted the most beautiful black actress in Hollywood by Variety Magazine.

Tragic Beauties

inger stevensInger Stevens (Ingrid Stensland) was the tragic beauty, a true swedish import who had too many brushes with death for one person. At one time, she and Rod Steiger were nearly asphyxiated by carbon monoxide fumes while filming a scene from Cry Terror! (1958) in a tunnel. (Steiger said years later she initially refused medical treatment at the scene; she said she wanted to die) and once she leaped from a crash-landing jet liner minutes before it exploded. We lost Inger to suicide on April 30, 1970.

natalie wood
Natalie Wood (Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko) died under extremely suspicious circumstances. The case is still not completely settled. Her death certificate was ameneded in 2012 to read: "drowning and other undetermined factors." In 2018, husband Robert Wagner has been named a "person of interest" in the case.

jayne mansfield
Jayne Mansfield was just beginning her career when she was killed in a tragic auto accident in 1967. She suffered head trauma, but the reports of her being decapitated are not true.

My First TV Crush

patty dukeI was eleven years old when cupid's TV arrow shot me through the heart. My first crush on a female TV star was Patty Duke. Even though she portrayed a high school girl, she reminded me of girls in my grade school class. Patty was funny, bouncy, full of energy, and, in a brief summation: adorable. She also played the demure cousin "Cathy", which gave me both aspects of a perfect female: the outgoing exciting girl, and the shy cultured girl.

Tidbit: In real life, Patty was sixteen years old-high school age-when she played the parts of Patty and Cathy Lane. The show's fictitious setting was moved from L.A. to Brooklyn Heights in New York City. The reason for this was the California child labor laws only permitted her to work a few hours a day. In New York, she could work a full-time actor's schedule.

Action Girls!

At a younger age, I was never quite sure how to take the girl heroes on TV. Should I take them seriously, or not? I decided on the latter. They were indeed serious characters (well, except for Batgirl). lt. uhuraOne of the most resilient, yet underrated of female action characters, was "Lt. Uhura" This was a woman who handled extreme stress without batting an eyelash; this was one respectable character. Actress Nichelle Nichols portrayed Uhura with such dignity that one couldn't help but have the utmost respect for her.

emma peel"The Girl from U.N.C.L.E." was okay, but I don't think I ever liked the show. "Batgirl" was another character I couldn't get into. Though actress Yvonne Craig was a dancer, her high kicks lent a bit of excitement to the somewhat ludicrous fight scenes.

"Emma Peel" on "The Avengers" was by far more interesting, and not just because of her looks; Emma presented more like a female James Bond, full of animal attraction, sly wit, and superior survival skills. As a female spy, Emma was an expert in martial arts and an excellent fencer who literally became a role model for '60's women.honey west

A likewise skilled martial artist and sleuth, was "Honey West". Her memorable appearances in a black jump suit prowling about at night, and her pet ocelot made her a stand-out among TV action stars.

peggy liptonThough she possessed a winning smile, Peggy Lipton's sullen beauty and sad affect made her an unforgettable female action star as the teenage undercover cop Julie Barnes. Peggy also qualified as my 2nd official TV girl crush.

What's Her Name?

60's tv actresses

susan oliver
Guest star girls often dazzled and heated up the TV screen, but sometimes their names managed to escape us. Not the case with Susan Oliver who was more than just the green slave girl from Orion. Other actresses, whose names have permanently escaped us, have either disappeared, or gone on to become bigger stars.

Pictured below:
Top Row Left to right: Lisa Jak, Connie Hines, Hayley Mills & Gena Rowlands
Middle row left to right: Nita Talbot, Beverly Owen, Joan Staley & Sally Field
Bottom row left to right: Stella Stevens, Carol Lynley, Mary Tyler Moore & Yvonne Craig

60's tv actresses

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